·         Talented and ambitious?

·         In your final VWO year or first year of university

Pre-program Orientation

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·         Eager to work and learn with the best?

Saturday 29 October


12.00 - 14.30


A 9-month insight into business

  • You join a leading international Dutch company
  • You work on what you really like and add value
  • You perform as a team and make a difference
  • You are paid for your work

An amazing personal journey

  • You live and work with Top Year students
  • You are coached and grow
  • You reflect with your Mentor and think through your future choices
  • You discover how much you can achieve

A structure for you to succeed


  • Your Top Year partner company gives you the environment to learn and perform
  • You get weekly trainings from leadership experts
  • You review your personal and professional progression after every module

One goal: Deploy your talents


  • You learn to investigate, present, listen, answer and lead
  • You learn what drives you and motivates others
  • You build relationships which continue with the alumni network

Module 1 – Sept/Dec 2017

Integrate with the teams and learn the ropes Investigate customer, product & processes key drivers

Module 2 – Jan/Mar 2018

Take responsibility and get involvedDefine improvements with your team.

Module 3 – Apr/June 2018

Deliver and present resultsTake feedback and set progress in motion with your team


Top Year is not a usual gap year or ‘tussenjaar’.
It is an experience and a network for a lifetime where top students, companies and expert trainers come together. 


Who are you?
Is Top Year for you?


on intellect,
interests and skills
(fluent English mandatory)


with Top Year partner companies
to match personality, interests, skills and jobs


our mutual
for success
and growth

A unique 9-month talent development programme for select students within some of the top Dutch International companies